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Living World Campaign

The World's largest concurrent in-person D&D campaign!

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The Living World

Welcome to our dynamic Dungeons & Dragons campaign, an immersive experience where your choices shape the world. With the end of Season 2 upon us, we're excited to open up 30 new spots, expanding our ranks to 80 players. Building and maintaining a world with 50 players has been the time of our lives, and bringing it up to 80 makes it the largest in person campaign in the world!

This season, each group will be diving deep into the mysterious and ancient plane of Aeir. Think magical feywild meets an untamed safari zone, offering you the chance to track down and bond with a magical creature, turning them into a lifelong ally in your adventures.

Our sessions run monthly, but the world of Aeir doesn't pause when you're not playing. It's a living world, where the actions of each group ripple across the campaign. What you do in one session can change the game for everyone, creating an ever-evolving narrative that's as unpredictable as it is thrilling.

Outside of the regular games, we also run "Crossover" events every other month! It's a chance to mix things up, teaming up with players from other groups for high-stakes, one-shot adventures that offer unique rewards and loot to spice up your regular campaign.

We've cooked up some killer homebrew systems, too. From deep-diving into alchemy, exploring unique weapon and armor materials, to skill bonuses from cracking open a book, and a power stone upgrade system that can turn your regular items into the stuff of legends. Our game is absolutely packed with homebrew systems we've always wanted to play with.

So, if you're looking for a D&D campaign that's as deep and dynamic as the stories we love, you're in the right place. Join us, and let's see where the story takes us!

Register for Season 3 is now closed!

Registration for Season 4 coming in November 2024!

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